Energy & Infrastructure

The Energy and Infrastructure sectors face profound structural transformations as they explore new and emerging markets.

We help companies build a solid talent strategy, identifying the leaders who can enable them to capitalize on evolving opportunities and take their business into new high-growth areas.

Drawing on our experts across the world, Amrop’s dedicated teams of professional consultants take a structured approach to executive search based on their knowledge of the market and its key players, industry trends and a broad network of high-level relationships. The practice is configured to meet the demands of the following industry sub-sectors:

Mining gold, coal, platinum, base metals, aggregates, hard rock, underground, open cast
Energy oil and gas, nuclear, green technology
Infrastructure road, rail, ports, power, pipelines, water, waste, telecoms.

Amrop partners and researchers combine deep sectorial knowledge with local market expertise, backed by global resources. We work closely with clients in the cost-effective, robust and sustainable deployment of global talent.

Our track record speaks for itself: since 2005, more than 30 specialist Amrop consultants have conducted close on 3,000 assignments in the mining, energy and infrastructure sectors in all continents and for both public and private companies.

We specialise in board and executive leadership roles. More than 30% of our senior level recruitment involves sourcing the technical expertise crucial to success in mining, energy and infrastructure.


Industry leaders in mining, energy and infrastructure are dealing with volatile demand and escalating costs. The job is made more complex by environmental regulations, tax incentives, liberalisation processes and usage targets, amid increasing competition from both existing and new market players.

In this shifting landscape, companies face intensifying competition for talent. The availability of scarce skills is of serious concern, particularly in developing markets in Asia and Africa.

As the demand and supply of talent shifts across the globe, our clients seek senior executives who can support their business objectives in these challenging market conditions. Leaders who are adaptable and can cope with the accelerating pace of change. Leaders who are agile enough to take advantage of opportunities while maintaining a long-term strategic focus.

Looking at the Middle East, or more specifically the six countries (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman) of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, otherwise colloquially known as the Gulf Cooperation Council have traditionally collectively represented around 30% of global oil production and are estimated to collectively have the world’s largest oil reserves. Traditionally, according to Deloitte’s Energy on demand: the future of GCC energy efficiency (2015) 47% of energy demand comes from residential use with per capita consumption estimated to continue to grow at 2.5% a year. In the past, this has seen an over reliance on oil for consumer energy needs in the region as demand continued to grow.

More recently, like in the rest of the world, the GCC has witnessed a transformation and a push toward diversification through Clean Tech and Renewable Energy from concepts on the drawing board into fast-growing businesses. Saudi Arabia has pledged to spend 7 billion dollars in 2018 on solar energy alone. Additionally, the UAE has also pledged to spent 163 billion dollars over the next three decades. This is also being coupled with increased investments across the entire region into infrastructure with new transportation systems, industrial complex and even cities being built across all the countries of the GCC.


Amrop understands the global mining, energy and infrastructure business context and has deep insight into specific market segments. This enables us to identify top candidates who fit each client’s unique culture, structure, strategic objectives and business requirements. It facilitates true competitive advantage in the fast-changing global marketplace.

As the globalization of key talent continues apace, we work closely with multinational companies with operations in different jurisdictions. As such, we offer our clients a wealth of experience to meet their global resourcing demands.

We also understand the drivers of a new multi-generational, multi-cultural workforce. We can assist you in designing a compelling employee value proposition to attract and retain highly-skilled executives with the leadership qualities and resilience to lead your company in new growth areas.

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