Public Sector

As part of the vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is currently undergoing a major socio-economic transformation to achieve a more productive, efficient and diversified economy. As part of the changes, there is now a stronger than ever emphasis on hiring, developing and retaining top talent within the Public Sector – the most significant element in this transformation.

Amrop Saudi Arabia applies its breadth of experience across the actives industries in the private sector to the increasing needs of the public sector. Through our context driven approach to Executive Search, we have appointed senior executives, Subject Matter Experts, technical advisors and General Managers in the public sector. In addition, through Leadership Assessments, we are able to not only assess the functional suitability of newly prospective candidates for a role, but also to assess their personal competencies such as growth potential, social capacity, learning acumen and development needs to name a few. 

Our local expertise enables us to better understand and relate first-hand with our clients’ needs. This is especially important to successfully apply our context-driven approach in advising our clients on selection, retention and development of their senior team. Through this approach, we are able to integrate both the functional and cultural perspectives when advising our clients. 

As we are part of a global organization, we are able to combine this local expertise with our global knowledge and experience as needed. This includes sourcing talent from the international markets and conducting cross-border assignments with Subject Matter Experts from the Amrop partnership.