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Denmark: Executive search maintains critical role in strategic recruitment - with Amrop ranked high


A survey published in the monthly business bulletin Nyhedsbrev for Bestyrelser (Newsletter for Boards) shows that 81% of Danish hiring organizations1 are working with external executive search companies - 25% to a greater extent than three years ago.

Despite a period of cost constraints and widespread use of social media, hiring organizations continue to prioritize external search firms for Board and Top Management Team positions, the results reveal, with international search firms usually chosen for cross-border missions.

While ‘beauty contests’ between search companies are a frequent practice with fees, competence and geographical strength as important selection criteria, the larger search firms are maintaining their fee levels. 63% of hiring organizations report paying the same fees as three years ago, 25% report a rise over the period.

In terms of the hiring organizations’ awareness of executive search firms, Amrop ranks 1st out of 16. In terms of positive perception, Amrop ranks 2nd out of 18.

Ulrich Dade, Chairman of the Amrop Executive Board: “This research further supports Amrop’s firm belief regarding executive search. Organizations who are seeking to fill critical positions, in a way that is strategic and sustainable, will continue to invest in the security of trusted external advice. It further confirms Amrop’s leading position in Denmark, one of the world’s most dynamic markets.”

Denmark currently stands in 12th position in the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index rankings for 2012–2013.

(1) Of the 66 organizations participating in the survey, 87% post a turnover of over DKK 1 billion.

About Amrop

Amrop has 85 offices in 56 countries and a strong Nordic presence with offices in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Providing services in Executive Search, Leadership Assessment and Board Consulting, Amrop is the largest partnership of its kind. Its Context Driven approach helps its clients find top talent, adept at working across borders in markets around the world.

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