Why Amrop Saudi Arabia

Our services are built on the philosophy that every business, every opportunity, every candidate, and every market is unique - and should be treated that way. Our unique context driven approach is built on our three key strengths.

Local Expertise

Our consultants and researchers possess deep understanding of several Middle Eastern markets, which include Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon to name a few and appreciate the intricacies of different sectors and functions across countries, organizations, family businesses and the public sector. This expertise reinforces our contextual knowledge to gain greater cultural awareness of our client’s culture and unique challenges and therefore be in a better position to assess not only the functional but also cultural fit of the executive leadership needed.

Contextual Knowledge

Everything we do for clients is driven by our team’s understanding of context. Being composed of local talent from Saudi Arabia and beyond we are capable of focusing on five key contextual dimensions: business, financial, cultural, candidate, and service.

Senior Attention

We believe every client deserves the benefit of working with a senior partner every time. Our partners possess industry knowledge and have on-the-ground, practical insights into attracting and retaining the best leadership talent a market has to offer. They work closely with clients to ensure they get executive leadership that fits their business, position, and company culture.

Large Global Network

We have broader coverage than most networks, and our consultants know their markets because they’ve built their businesses in them. Since we are not constrained by hierarchy, or the rigid structures imposed by traditional search companies, we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to our clients’ needs.